Imitation is the sincerest form of appreciation. in history there have been several examples in architecture or art of successful copies, as well as many failed attempts. the theme of copying is still present in current discourses. This paper attempts to ask the question:

what happens when we copy?

these features can be summed up in the concept of aura, and say: what withers away from the work of art in the epoch of its technical reoroducibility is its aura. it is a symptomatic process; its significance points beyond the realm of art. the technique of reproduction of the realm of tradition. by multiplying its reproductions, it puts, instead of its unique appearance, its massive appearance. and by allowing the reproduction to become associated with the receiver in its singular situation, it actualises the reproduced.

the art work at the time of its technical reproducibility, walter benajmin, 1935

ETSAM 2019
Curso de intensificacion y ideacion grafica
FJ Raposo, M Salgado, B Butragueno