Porto Academy
with Gregro Natter, Kang Hyeon Hui

A small town in Lerma, Mexico offered Josè and his wife Lalia an unique environment to grow up. The farmer’s son grew into the family tradition and continued to grow corn on the nearby fertile fields. He inherited a samll property at the foot of the mountains where the young cupel and their newborn son Francisco are able to built a small house by themselves. Due to extraordinary archievments at school, Francisco gets a scholarshio to  study in town. Meanwhile his room gets rented to their families cousin, Dani. In return he helps José Luis cultivating the corn and nevertheless he is able to continue writing his novel. To ensure the privacy of the family life they add extra space to the bathroom. The years passing by, Francisco returns with his wife Angela to help his father. Cousin Dani moves out to make room to the married couple, eventhough they need to expand their built environment. 

As the family grows, the house grows with them...

Supervisor Manuel Cervantes