Through the eyes of a child

...was an in-teractive workshop with architecture students all over the world. The aim was to get in the inner of your mind to recreate the first childhood memory in contact with nature and represent them in form of sculptu-res out of materi-als in your surroun-dings.

"Before doing the exercise that specific memory was very blurry and di-stant, I hardly recalled it at all and never really bothered to do so, but now it is somehow so vivid as if it happened yesterday. If I'm com-pletely honest I'm not sure if the memory is real at all, but that's the case with most childhood memories anyway I guess. But I'm very glad I have the memory be it real or fake and I'm also very thankful that now there's a more recent experience I can associate it with. After all it's nota bad first memory to have."

"I never thought and analyzed my childhood memories of nature, and it was quite surprising that the first one I had was related to the danger of the subject, revelation of the harmful and violent spectum of emotions and affects it can produce. Being bitten by the bee after an intention to touch and stroke (pet) it, I had an immediate shift from innocence and trust to awareness. The essense of the whole situation is very ironie an action without anger, not meant to cause anything dreadful was having an irreversible consequences leading to the death of a creature."

"Proper experience of nature isso-mething that could only happen wi-thout any predefined concept. I would argue that a child sees nature as a possibility and an experience whe-re we may only see thoughts that we already know. A deer, a dog, a worm see nature. A scientist may understand everything but experience nothing."

Thank you for being part of this experiment
Daniela, Alex, Simge, Mariia, Viktoriya, Snorri, Daniil, Batja

a special thank to
easa.austria Batja and Michael

with Martin Bauer, Paul Pargfrieder

foto Paul Pargfrieder