Subjective Tectonics: Cobogó

“The course interrogates tectonics in the tropical, post-colonial, urban context of Rio de Janeiro. This year the focus will be the cobogó. An architectural element such as the cobogó is a tangible manifestation of the continuous negotiation of sharing space and the production of subjectivity. These perforated elements, deployed to attenuate sunlight, heat and humidity, have been widely adopted as a cheap, efficient and versatile mode of achieving environmental qualities. Besides pragmatic concerns, the use of the cobogó in domestic interiors and façades has enabled modes of living beyond sheer (re)production of labour. Cobogós allow both architects and inhabitants to rethink the role of walls within the house.

We will start off with lectures on the history and architecture of Rio de Janeiro. This will be informed by expert workshops on plaster casting, conversations about the theories and practices of construction, and talks by renowned architects. Students will be divided into small groups and work collaboratively. Groupwork will be supported by individual tutorials and presentation reviews. The workshop will culminate in the design, fabrication, and assembly of 1:1 cobogó elements cast in plaster and exhibited to the public.”